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Hot Tub Products is owned and operated by the Tournas family who have been in the hot tub industry for over 40 years.

Andy Tournas was the Founder and CEO of ThermoSpas Inc., a premier manufacturer of hot tubs that were sold worldwide since 1983. Prior to selling to Jacuzzi International in 2012, ThermoSpas won virtually every award the industry offered for technology advancement to consumer education and support. At ThermoSpas Andy coined the phrase “We Turn Water into Therapy” and developed a program called “Seasons of Giving”. Which provided free hot tubs each year to children with severe ailments who would benefit from water therapy and whose families couldn't afford one.

While operating ThermoSpas he was a member for 11 years of the industry’s National Hot Tub Council, and served on the board of directors of the APSP (Association Pool & Spa Professionals). In 2009 Andy founded the IHTA (International Hot Tub Association) and served as its president for two years.

Kyle Tournas worked 16 years in the hot tub industry and was Director of Operations at ThermoSpas. Kyle is considered one of the foremost experts on hot tub construction and design along with overseeing consumer hot tub deliveries nationwide. One of his many contributions was developing Hot Tub Service, a division within ThermoSpas. HTS grew to be the largest service network in the hot tub industry, handling all the hot tub service needs of clients like Costco and a long list of notable competitive spa manufacturers.

The goal of Hot Tub Products is to provide the highest quality hot tub accessories and provide 100% support to the success of our dealer network along with helping to ensure an enhanced hot tub experience for their customers.

Andy Tournas, President
Hot Tub Products, LLC

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